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Rawtenstall: 01706 215200
101 Bank Street, Rawtenstall, BB4 7QN
Haslingden: 01706 228927
41 Deardengate, Haslingden, BB4 5QN


Just watched @HarryMaguire93 play a near perfect* game on his #MUFC debut at Old Trafford.

On a field full of flashy, fluorescent footwear, he really stood out in his boring black boots.

*It would’ve been perfect if he’d scored. https://t.co/fFQ2Li2qIf

About 10 years ago, one of our 14 year old clients asked us for a Saturday job. She asked again when she was 16 and she worked for us for a couple of years until she went to University.

Today, she sent us a message to say she is now a fully qualified optometrist.


Redemption Day by @SherylCrow & @JohnnyCash played on shuffle when I was in the shower this morning. In the background, on TV, @CNN was reporting on the shootings in #ElPaso and #Dayton

It was a powerful combination and had to be shared...


Went to Washington DC in 2014 to see & photograph this panel on Columbia that @AstroMCollins wrote a special message on. I found it easily enough but the plexiglass foiled my photo. #Apollo50 https://t.co/zJBN9aGZ4S https://t.co/k46SnCQv5I
DGOptician photo
National Air and Space Museum @airandspace
After splashdown, @AstroMCollins crawled back into command module Columbia (it was connected to the MQF by an air-tight tunnel) and wrote this short note on one of the equipment bay panels: "The best ship to come down the line." #Apollo50 https://t.co/bfpe6gDHKz

😢 https://t.co/15Ml7jcFtq
DGOptician photo
We're saddened by the passing of Chris Kraft, our first flight director. He was a space legend who created the concept of Mission Control during the early human spaceflight program and made it an integral part of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. He was 95. https://t.co/HT2T6CArrX

This is fab - I love that Doctor Maggie wears a Blue Peter badge and has a Bagpuss key ring. Narrated by Michael Palin too.

If you’re a similar age to me, this will be a well spent eleven minutes of your day.

Great job, @DanPostgate

https://t.co/y5ZrX3QmSm via @bbciplayer


David Gould Opticians

David Gould Opticians have two optical practices in the Rossendale Valley, located on Bank Street Rawtenstall, and Deardengate Haslingden. Founded by David & Diane Gould (both qualified contact lens opticians) in 2003, David Gould Opticians, work with experienced, qualified independent optometrists using some of the latest examination equipment to provide a comprehensive eye care service. David and the trained support staff are on hand to offer first-rate advice on frames and lenses to ensure you have the information to make the correct choice of eyewear for your needs. We use Essilor's Visioffice Dispensing System in both practices, which allows 3-D digital measurement of spectacle lenses and a great way to see yourself clearly when trying on new frames. The latest digital contact lens equipment is used to continue to provide what has become the largest contact lens service in the area. All types of contact lenses, including disposables, multifocals, continuous wear, hybrids, Rigid Gas Permeables and toric lenses for astigmatism, are supplied, including One Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism. David Gould Opticians hold the status of Acuvue Centre of Excellence, are one of Cibavision's Premium Independent Practices, and are members of Coopervision's Visionary Club. This means that we often have access to new products before they are generally available. We also carry out clinical research studies on new contact lens products yet to hit the market. We do not use "own brand" products as we believe this restricts choice and we want our clients to be able to choose from the full selection of products available. Our Dry Eye Assessments were introduced in January 2012 and have proved very popular and attracted many new clients to the practice. We are able to carry out various simple tests to determine the nature of the problem and recommend appropriate treatment. Many people we have seen have been using the same treatments for many years and have never been exposed to some of the latest products and methods. Our digital slit lamp microscope allows us to show clients what we can see and helps in gaining a better understanding of what's happening. This service is currently available free of charge to patients registered with a GP in East Lancashire, but can be carried out privately also. We also have a practice in Haslingden: 41 Deardengate Haslingden BB4 5QN 01706 228927
David Gould Opticians
David Gould Opticians
Overall, humans just have a weaker peripheral vision compared to other animals.
David Gould Opticians
David Gould Opticians
Have you heard of retinitis pigmentosa?

Here's what you need to know about the effects it has on children's vision.
David Gould Opticians
David Gould Opticians
The more melanin in your iris, the darker the eye colour!
David Gould Opticians
David Gould Opticians
Are you incorporating any of these foods in your diet to encourage eye health?
David Gould Opticians
David Gould Opticians
It's so important that you do so.
David Gould Opticians
David Gould Opticians
There are many reasons for choosing to wear prescription sunglasses during the holiday period, not least of all for the sheer style and looking good.